Wood Carving 01: Spoons
Everything you need to craft a wooden spoon from raw timber. We’ll show you how to sketch a shape and use the knife and gouge to carve out your creation. You’ll then finish it off with sandpaper and food-grade oil so it’s ready to use. (This pack is designed for one person.)

This product contains a bladed tool, you must be 18 years of age or older to purchase it.
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What's in the box

Everything you need in one box

Tools & Materials

Wood Blanks
Two pieces of carving timber
Carving Knife
Made to cut wood well
Gouge Chisel
A curved edge for hollowing
Used to smooth and refine
Tung Oil
Protects and enhances the spoon
Carpenter's pencil
To sketch a design onto your wood

Structured Guidelines

Written and visual instructions to help you navigate each step of the way including how to plan a design, using your tools to shape your material and what’s involved in finalising your creation.

Online Support

As part of our packs, you can get online help from us through a messaging platform or Facebook group. We're here to answer any questions you have, give helpful tips over a video chat and you can also check out what other learners are asking/doing.

Video tutorials

If written instructions just aren't for you, you'll also get access to video tutorials that describe each step of the process in extra detail.

How it works


You design a ring and carve it from jewellers' wax using the tools provided. You then send it to us for casting, refining and polishing.


We make a mold using the ring you've sent us. (pictured is several rings ready to be cast)


We cast the ring by pouring molten metal into the mold. The metal replaces the wax and the result is a perfect replica of the wax ring you created.


When your ring is released, we remove the sprue (the small attachment left over from casting) and refine it.


We also machine polish your ring so that it is ready to wear! (You can also do this yourself if you prefer, we have video tutorials.)

Looking for add ons to this pack?

We want you to get the most out of your pack. If you're looking to cast more rings, purchase extra wax or upgrade to different metal of your choosing, click here.


No such thing as a silly question

No such thing as a silly question

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Jewellery Making 01: Rings

Everything you need to design and sculpt a unique ring. You create your ring from jewellery wax, then we cast it in your chosen metal and polish it for you. Available in brass, silver and gold plated. (This pack is designed for one person and includes casting for one ring.)

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