Jewellery Making add-ons

We want your Jewellery Making pack to be the start of long lasting passion. Below are a few options to help you do more with the pack you've purchased.

Cast another ring

Every pack includes casting for one ring but the fun doesn't stop there. We're happy to cast additional rings for you in the metal of your choosing. You'll need to send us your wax ring but the shipping you pay will cover the cost of us getting it back to you.


Get extra wax

Each Jewellery Making pack comes with an additional wax blank but if that's not enough, you can order more from us! If you're making a ring for large fingers, our signet ring wax is best suited.


Upgrade your pack

This is for people who have already purchased a pack or was given one as a gift. Decide you want to cast your ring in a different metal? No worries. You can upgrade your pack to silver or 24ct gold plated as long as you place your upgrade before sending us your ring.


Don't see what you're looking for? Shoot us an email and we'll help you out. Or simply fill out the form below.

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